Men in Bondage features thousands of original photos and downloadable video scenes of men tied up and gagged by beautiful female captors.

Specializing in storylines about men captured by women. it may be powerful the businessman who comes home from work only to find three desperate, but beautiful criminals using his house for a hideout. Naturally he must be kept silent until they finish their business. It may be the substitute teacher tricked into bondage by a sexy student. Powerful men with the tables turned on them. Suddenly they are the submissive one - all their strength has been taken away. It's the beautiful sexy women who hold all the cards.

Captured Couples is dedicated to beautiful women and good looking guys captured, bound and gagged. The captured men would like to help their girlfriends escape from their tight bondage, but what can they do? They are just as helpless and all they can do is struggle to get free and watch their lady friends do the same.